10 Apps For Tourists In India

New Delhi: If you are planning a trip to your favorite destination, your Smartphone will be your best co-traveler or guide. Mobile applications (Apps) for travelers come in handy and take care of all your needs while you are busy globe-trotting.

Whether you are a local or a traveler from abroad, there are certain information that are essential while traveling in India. We bring you some of the best apps that help you travel while keeping all your worries aside.


TripAdvisor gives an outlook of the best hotel as it has 50 million users that post their reviews about the hotels. The app is incorporated with a tool to find low airfares, among other things.

Google Maps

Google Maps assures that you reach the right place. The app is so amazing that it can navigate you, whether you are walking, driving, riding a bicycle or using public transport. It also provides accurate traffic updates.

RedBus app is the best app for booking a bus. The app provides services for over 67,000 routes from around 1,800 operators.

IRCTC Connect

If your trip includes train route, the IRCTC app would be the best for you as it enables you to book trains or hotel tickets. Its features give you alerts and journey details.


Skype app helps you to keep in touch with your beloved one and you can share live visuals with your family in real time. It is a good alternative to calling and saves you the costs of roaming charges.


MakeMyTrip is a tourist-friendly app that enables users to book tickets for train and flights. It also helps you to get hotels and information regarding your locations.

Weather Pro

India’s weather is very unpredictable and Weather Pro app is very useful for you in planning your trips. The app will keep you updated about the changes in weather when you are traversing across a humid region in northern India, cyclone-prone areas like southeast coasts, or in a location with heavy rainfall in the north-eastern states.

QR code reader

QR code reader is a very good app to get information about the location and various other things. Tourism Department uploads detail information on QR code and after scanning it you can get necessary details.


TripIt app is a journey planning tool that functions like a personal travel organizer and syncs data to your calendar and maps. One can get directions, maps, and weather for each destination on the itinerary.

 Google Translate

India is a country where over 1,000 languages are spoken, it is sensible to have Google Translate app on your phone.

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