Alexa can help you shop on Amazon: Here’s how


There is some great news for Amazon users in India – the company has rolled out an interesting feature for the Android users in India. We now have an Alexa-enabled voice-powered shopping feature for the Android users in India. This comes as the company attempts to look out for new ways and means to establish new connection with its customers. The feature will be available in English.

With this new feature, users will be allowed to browse products on Amazon and then proceed to add items to cart simply giving a command to Alexa. Now, this feature has not yet been rolled out for the iOS users in India.

“As we brought this functionality to Indian customers, we built custom functionality to cater to India’s unique requirements. We built this keeping the Indian customer at the centre, optimizing for myriad accents and products relevant to the Indian customer,”, TechCrunch quoted an Amazon spokesperson.

The voice command feature is available for Amazon Prime and non-Prime users and it will be available on devices which are chugging along on Android OS 5.1 and above. Now, the users will have to upgrade to the latest version of Amazon in order to avail this new feature. This will allow the app to access the microphone of the phone. The users will also have to tweak few settings in their phone as Alexa might not work if permissions are not given to the app.

This new feature will also allow enable customers to search items on Amazon. Hence, for example, one can say Alexa, show me Apple iPhones and it will open the page showing Apple iPhones. The user can also give commands like Alexa, add shirts to my cart and Alexa and then proceed to checkout.

Now, when the payment gateway pops up, you will have to manually enter the payments detail. Well, and you should ideally not expect Alexa to know and fill your card or banking details.

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