Are your messages and calls safe? WhatsApp issues statement on updated privacy policy

WhatsApp issues statement

WhatsApp tends to always make headlines whenever there are any new updates. However, this time the headlines are owing to messaging app’s updated privacy policy that goes into effect on February 8.

As per these new terms and services, there are details on how they will share user data with Facebook. Now, after this announcement, there has been a lot of unease with the users who are now looking at alternatives. After plenty of speculations, WhatsApp has now tweeted in hopes to reassure users that their messages are still safe.

In a tweet, WhatsApp said that private messages, group chats, contacts, calls, and data etc are all safe. It goes on to say that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can access your private messages or hear your calls. It goes on to say that no one will keep a track on your calls and also, your contact details are not shared with Facebook. It also highlighted that your shared location remains hidden, and so does group chats.

WhatsApp goes on to say that you can also set your messages to disappear, and you can also download your data. Last year, WhatsApp had this feature that self-destructs messages after seven days. WhatsApp also has this option for users to download their data.

Replying to a tweet, WhatsApp said that the privacy policy update “does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family.” The platform has issued a statement last week that clarified how the new privacy policy is for how users who want to communicate with business accounts. They maintain that the personal conversations remain unaffected.

However, it looks as if users are still not convinced with the reassurances as several people have switched over to privacy-focused apps, Signal and Telegram. Both apps have become the top free apps in India, and more countries.

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