Big update from TikTok: Parents can disable DMs for their kids

Big update from TikTok

TikTok has released an update which will give greater control to parents over their kids’ TikTok accounts. The company has introduced a feature which is called ‘Family Pairing’ and this will enable parents to customise the safety settings of their kids’ TikTok based on their individual needs.

Now, TikTok, as part of an update, has also released a feature which will allow parents to control the Direct Messaging feature available in their kids’ TikTok app. With this, parents will be able to not only restrict people who send direct messages or DMs to their kids but they can also disable this feature completely in their kids’ accounts.

The company is also disabling the DM feature for all users who are under 16 years of age. What this means is that parent of kids under 16 will not have to worry about their kids texting a person they don’t approve of. This feature will be implemented starting April 30.

“With user safety in mind, we have many policies and controls in place for messaging already – for example, only approved followers can message each other, and we don’t allow images or videos to be sent in messages. Starting April 30, we will be taking those protections one step further as relates to younger members of our community, and automatically disabling Direct Messages for registered accounts under the age of 16,” TikTok informed in a blog post.

There are few more modifications made, the video-sharing platform is introducing out features which will enable the parents to control how long their kids can spend on TikTok every day. They will hence, be able to restrict the content that they think isn’t appropriate for their kids. “Even without Family Pairing enabled, parents can help their teen set Screen Time Management and Restricted Mode by visiting the app’s Digital Wellbeing controls at any time,” TikTok added.

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