Dark mode for messenger, delete data from Facebook: Several updates being rolled out

In a bid to revamp its messenger app, Facebook has been trying to tweak a lot of features. A simpler interface has already been rolled out for Android and iOS and there are several other features which are in the pipeline and will be introduced systematically.

As per recent reports, the company has included the much-anticipated feature, which is the dark mode for the app in the present code, although no official announcement has been made in this regard.

If the Reddit post by a user named “hegaton”, the hidden dark mode in the Messenger can be enabled by using the moon emoji. Also, as per a report by XDA Developers, it is not surprising that the app already has the code for Android devices for about two months now.

Having said this, this new emoji method to enable the aforementioned mode does not need any rooting. It can be easily activated by users once they send a crescent moon to anyone in the Messenger chat.

“It’s currently unclear if this method works in all countries and platforms, but Redditors from the Philippines, Portugal, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia report that it worked for them,” the GMSArena reported on Saturday.

“It also worked on our Android Smartphones in India and over at headquarters, both on Android and iOS, so it’s safe to say it’s widespread and will be coming officially sooner rather than later,” it added.

However, it needs to be mentioned here that even after the “Dark Mode” is on, Facebook will still show a message saying that they are working on this feature, owing to which the users won’t be able to see “Dark Mode” everywhere in Facebook Messenger.

Apart from this, Facebook is also planning to roll out a “clear history” feature. This feature will enable users to delete all the data which is linked to their Facebook account from different apps and websites. This, according to the company, will prevent Facebook from recording any sort of data for future use.

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