Delete Facebook – WhatsApp cofounder makes shocking statement

He, however, was quick to defend selling WhatsApp to the social media giant but slammed Facebook for not clamping down on hate speech Co-founder of WhatsApp. Brian Acton has come out and asked people to delete their Facebook account. However, this plea did not stop him from defending his decision to sell WhatsApp to Facebook at a whopping amount of $19 billion back in 2014.

“I had 50 employees, and I had to think about them and the money they would make from this sale. I had to think about our investors and I had to think about my minority stake. I didn’t have the full clout to say no if I wanted to,” he added defending his move to sell WhatsApp to Facebook.

He was speaking at a panel discussion at Stanford University.

In the recent past, social media, especially Facebook and Twitter have come under a lot of flak for fake news and Acton too slammed all efforts to moderate content on the social networking platform as far as hate-centric content is concerned.

“To be brutally honest, the curated networks — the open networks — struggle to decide what’s hate speech and what’s not hate speech. … Apple struggles to decide what’s a good app and what’s a bad app. Google struggles with what’s a good website and what’s a bad website. These companies are not equipped to make these decisions,” he said.

“And we give them the power. That’s the bad part. We buy their products. We sign up for these websites. Delete Facebook, right?” he spoke out loud and clear about the issue.

Acton also hit out at Facebook for its blatant monetization attempts and for not respecting the privacy of the users. Last year too, in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal Acton had asked everyone to delete Facebook.

“The capitalistic profit motive, or answering to Wall Street, is what’s driving the expansion of invasion of data privacy and driving the expansion of a lot of negative outcomes that we’re just not happy with. I wish there were guardrails there. I wish there were ways to rein it in. I have yet to see that manifest, and that scares me,” he added.

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