Disaster Management Apps: What To Consider While Designing And Must Haves


New Delhi: Nowadays, India emerged as one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of facing natural disasters. One part of the country or the another always suffers due to deadliest natural calamities. Good thing is new technologies are helping to curb the human and properties loss.

Henceforth, you and your friends and family’s survival may rely on getting the most up and coming data. You may search for data on where to go, what risks to keep an eye out. The primary factor is additionally on the best way to call for help if things genuinely get hazardous.

Top App development companies in India propose the accompanying applications can be of extraordinary help. They can handle such circumstances. They ought to unquestionably be as much a piece of your family’s debacle readiness unit as an electric lamp and medical aid supplies.


It is a “computerized walkie-talkie application. The application is the one that individuals download for the most part. It was a significant achievement when Typhoon Irma compromises Florida and the southern Atlantic seaboard,” reports the UK’s Day by day Mail.

ICE Standard:

Another insightful proposal from the Day by day Mail was concerning this application. It enables the client to round out their restorative data. They can enter in information resembles protection data and blood classification. Thus, people on call realize how to treat them.


There were floodwaters at four feet and rising. A family in Houston, Texas relinquished their belonging and mixed to their rooftop. It was the situation amid Sea tempest Harvey. They were sitting with their pets and anticipating salvage. They were not able to achieve people on call through 911 and with nobody noticeable close-by. Thus, they utilized their telephones to convey a cry for help through the application “Nearby,” Such were the reports from The Discussion. Inside an hour a neighbor touched base in a vacant kayak.


You can’t escape the method for an approaching fiasco if your vehicle comes up short on gas. Consequently, consider downloading GasBuddy on the off chance that you’ll be taking off. That way you’ll generally have the capacity to find the closest working gas siphon in spite of the climate and the clog.


Don’t have your very own vehicle? Such a carpooling application may have the capacity to associate you with neighbors who have a free seat in theirs. It was valuable that route amid the Storm Harvey, the everyday Mail notes. Such an application is an exemplary case of quick movements in a disaster management app development.

Red Cross Applications:

The revered help association offers numerous valuable applications including one called Medical aid. It provides essential medical aid directions and Pet Emergency treatment which does likewise for hairy relatives. They additionally have particular applications for different kinds of fiascos that will give you the most recent cautions. It will offer you appeal on the most proficient method to prepare.”The Red Cross application additionally downloads necessary data to your telephone. You can get to it regardless of whether cell towers are down,” calls attention to The Dallas Morning News.

FEMA Application:

Like the Red Cross, FEMA has an abundance of involvement in managing a wide range of debacles. They share it with people, in general, utilizing their application. It incorporates data about safe house areas. There is additionally a capacity that enables individuals from the general population to post pictures. It may be useful to specialists on call.

Facebook Security Check:

Spare your more loved ones a mess of worry by stamping yourself safe on Facebook’s Security Check highlight. It can enable you to monitor adjacent friends and family. It can ensure they’re riding out the catastrophe in securely.


In case you’re progressing and need to let a group of people realized when you’d arrived someplace securely, attempt Life360. It will track your developments and consequently send writings to those you’d get a kick out of the chance to caution. It is the point at which you achieve your goal. The odds are amazing you’ll deplete after the difficulty of emptying. At that point, you won’t have any desire to connect with twelve individuals yourself.


“Snapchat is ending up being a noteworthy asset for individuals attempting to monitor what’s going on the ground in Houston,” composes Mashable’s Karissa Chime. “Their clients are swinging to Snap Maps to watch flooding and other harm. The application burst in the scene not long ago. Snapchat’s Snap Maps overlay openly posted Snaps onto a guide. Along these lines, others can see what’s going on. It is likewise a critical application that most App development company in India suggest.

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