EXPLAINED – How to save WhatsApp stories, including photos and videos


Make sure you seek consent before downloading someone else’s photos and videos

WhatsApp, which is without any doubt the number one social messaging platform in India, allows the users to share photos and videos with others via its feature WhatsApp Status which is extremely similar to the Instagram stories.

However, what if a user wants to save these WhatsApp statuses? Not many know, but there is a feature which allows the Android users to save WhatsApp Status videos and photos by following these simple steps listed below.

It needs to be mentioned here that if you want to save someone else’s WhatsApp Status, then you should ideally take permission from the person before doing so.

How to save WhatsApp Status video on Android

You need to have a file manager on your Android smartphone. However, in order to explain and to keep things simple, we use the Google Files App, which is a free file manager app for Android, for this tutorial.

This comes pre-installed on Google’s Pixel smartphones and it can be easily downloaded and installed via Google Play.

We have listed the following steps to save WhatsApp Status videos on your Android smartphone:

  1. Tap on the Google Files app on the Android phone and then press the ‘hamburger icon’ which is located on the top-left and then press ‘Settings’.
  2. Also, if you are using the Pixel smartphone, then open the Files app, and then tap on the ‘three-dots’ icon which is on the top-right and then tap Settings.
  3. Now onto the next screen tap on the ‘Show hidden files’ option. On the Pixel smartphones, however, one needs to enable ‘Show internal storage’.
  4. Back now to the Files’ app’s menu and press ‘Internal storage’.
  5. Proceed to the WhatsApp folder > Media > ‘Statuses’.
  6. Now, in order to save the photo or video of your choice, long press on it and press Copy. Following this, paste the file in any folder of your choice in the phone’s internal memory.

There; saving videos and photos from WhatsApp statuses is so easy. Try this trick and let us know if it works by commenting below.


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