F8 2019 – Facebook announces privacy updates, support for Amazon Alexa


Alexa incorporated, Facebook Portal will also gain support for the Amazon Prime Video app

F8 2019- which is Facebook’s annual developer conference kicked off with privacy being a huge talking point. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his team did announce a slew of new measures and features to combat the increasing instances of privacy infringement, which will be coming soon to Facebook and all the sister apps.

Also, in a major announcement, updates to the company’s video calling device – the Facebook Portal was announced. Perhaps the biggest announcement of the day came when it was declared that there will be support extended to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa on the Facebook portal as well as to the company’s video streaming platform – the Amazon Prime Video.

Addressing the audience, at the McEnergy Convention Centre in San Jose, California, Facebook’s Head of Product Management at Portal, John McCarthy announced that Portal users will be able to use smart speaker like voice commands in order to establish communication with the Facebook Portal.

As far as the update to include Amazon Alexa is concerned, users would now be able to communicate with them on their Portals. Hence, it could function just like the Amazon Echo speakers, and now Portal users can speak with Alexa in order to get a brief of the day-to-day happenings. They can also control the connected smart home devices.

Alexa incorporated, Facebook Portal will also gain support for the Amazon Prime Video app. What this effectively means is that later this year, all the Portal users will be able to watch movies and all the Prime Exclusive shows including Hanna and the Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

Despite all these updates, the session was dominated by discussions and debates on privacy. Messenger and the other Facebook-Portals are all set to get a privacy upgrade. So what this effectively means is that portal users would now be able to send private video messages from their Portals to their family and friends. Also, they would be able to make encrypted calls using WhatsApp later this year.


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