Facebook adds new and important security feature in WhatsApp – Find details

In a bid to offer help to users, social media platform Facebook has added a WhatsApp widget to its crisis response tool. This is basically a disaster-reporting and communications feature which will allow users to seek or offer help during any emergency. This feature will enable to users to provide real-time information related to any disaster.

According to a TechCrunch report, this tool is now being used across 80 countries and it will allow Facebook to share information with state and local officials, as well as the different federal relief agencies. Before this security feature was rolled out, users could only get in touch with the company through the Facebook Messenger app.

What does it do?

This Facebook crisis response update will help them identifying if the user is safe or not during any natural or man-made disasters as well as during terror-related incidents in the affected geographical area.

Not only this, there is another aspect which will provide or locate help and will also allow them to funnel in money to assist the affected people.

The report also mentions that Facebook is working on widening its data for good tools and is also involved in providing an update to the disaster maps with an aim to make them more accurate. They are working closely with the different concerned agencies.

How to use it?

The user now needs to click on the crisis response icon which is present on the left side of Facebook homepage. If you are to find the safety check, you have to go to crisis response and then select crisis page for a specific crisis. After the specific crisis is selected, the user will need to mark themselves safe through safety check on the top of the page.

As per Facebook, a safety check will be triggered if reporting agencies alert it of an incident such as an earthquake. Also, if a number of people in a specific area post about an incident, safety check gets activated and the people there can mark themselves safe.

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