Facebook disables some Messenger and Instagram features in European countries


Facebook has informed its users that there are a number of features on Messenger and Instagram that will be temporarily available in Europe. Users in Europe have also reported that they have been seeing a message that will inform them about disabling of the features. “This is to respect new rules for messaging services in Europe. We’re working to bring them back,” the message read.

The social media giant, from their part, has not informed about the number of features that have been disabled recently in the region. Having said this, it can still be accessed using the support page. These are the list of the disabled features: 

# Running polls on group chats
# Lack of stickers on Instagram
# Personalised replies on messenger
# Ability to give nicknames to contacts
# No augmented-reality (AR) filters available in direct messages (DMs) on Instagram

These features have been temporarily disabled in order to comply with new data usage rules in the European Union (EU) countries and they will come under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive (ePrivacy Directive).

“We’re still determining the best way to bring these features back. It takes time to rebuild products in a way that work seamlessly for people and also comply with new regulation,” the company said in a statement to BBC.

It should be informed here that the text messaging and calling options are still working as they were before. As per The Verge, a Facebook spokesperson has clarified that all these features will be back ” very soon”. 

However, no one is quite clear how the features like stickers or nicknames are not in compliance with the ePrivacy directives. The social platform has also not mentioned “some features” that will not be available raises a few questions.

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