Fake FaceApp courts controversy as adware module infecting users’ devices: Kaspersky Lab

Be careful. Fake FaceApp is now infecting our mobile phones!

Photo-morphing app, FaceApp is in the news, for the right as well as wrong reasons. It has indeed captured everyone’s imagination with its ageing option, but then it has now courted controversy for violating privacy norms. Now, even as there is confusion over the original app, a fake app that is designed to trick users into thinking it is a certified version of FaceApp has surfaced which is contaminating users’ devices by leaving an adware module called “MobiDash”. This has been reported by cyber-security firm Kaspersky.

It needs to be mentioned here that the photo-morphing app FaceApp that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neural face transformations to come up with creepy, aged, and very funny facial alterations depending on the different age groups, has been a bumper success in a very short time.

“In the fake app, the people behind ‘MobiDash’ often hide their adware module under the guise of popular applications and services. This means that the activities of the fake version of FaceApp could intensify, especially if we are talking about hundreds of targets in just a few days,” Igor Golovin, Security Researcher at Kaspersky, said in a statement.

“We urge users not to download applications from unofficial sources and to install security solutions on their devices to avoid any damage,” the statement further added.
Alvin Rodrigues, Senior Director, Security Strategist, Forcepoint, has issued a statement which said that the face of a user is personal copyright.

“From a security perspective, you are giving away your ability to use your face as a password to log files or to lock your devices. Like how several mobile companies are currently using facial recognition technology to allow users’ to lock their phones,” Rodrigues said in a statement.
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