Good news in store: Tinder makes Passport feature free for all users


The coronavirus pandemic has forced the country to go into a lockdown and people are maintaining social distancing voluntarily. Owing to this, dating app Tinder is making its ‘Passport’ feature free for all its users till April 30. As per this feature, Tinder will be able to change their location to several other cities without having to shuttle between them.

This Tinder Passport feature is an exclusive feature of Tinder Plus and Gold subscriptions. It is rolling out an update for its Android and iOS apps around March 26 which will see the Passport feature becoming free for all users. The app will make Passport free for all its users till April 30.

Tinder Passport will allow users to explore different cities explore other cities virtually by just choosing the preferred location. With this feature, users will be able to search a city by typing its name or pinning it on the map.

Now, if the location is changed on Tinder, users will be able to use it normally. The app is location-based location-based and with users stuck in only one location now this feature will help them converse with different other people in different locations.

How to use Tinder Passport

Now, as soon as this feature is made available to all the, the users will need to tap their profile icon.

The, tap the settings menu and tap on location.

Users can then add a new location as they wish on Tinder.

It should also be mentioned here that there is no limit to the number of times location is changed on Tinder. However, at one given time, users can only be at one city. Also, Tinder users whose profiles have been liked will get to see that user’s profile up to a day even when they change the location.

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