Google announces chatbot ‘Meena’: Here are the key things to know

google meena

Google has announced its new chatbot named ‘Meena’ and revealed that it is the first ever chatbot that has reached the closest to humans as far as ‘Sensibleness and Specificity Average’ are concerned. A lot of information was released in a blog post by Google and here in this article, we take a look at how this new chatbot will simplify almost everything for the users.

Google has specifically mentioned that this new chatbot is not available for all. However, it may reach more users in the coming months. “We are evaluating the risks and benefits associated with externalizing the model checkpoint, however, and may choose to make it available in the coming months to help advance research in this area,” said Google in a blog post.

How is it different from virtual assistants?

This one is an open-domain chatbot which means that it allows users to talk and pose questions from any domain and then take the conversation in a particular direction. It is also not similar to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri as these platforms are more of virtual assistants and offer more services than what chatbots do.

In its blogpost, Google said they are striving for perfection: “While we have focused solely on sensibleness and specificity in this work, other attributes such as personality and factuality are also worth considering in subsequent works. Also, tackling safety and bias in the models is a key focus area for us, and given the challenges related to this, we are not currently releasing an external research demo,” said the researchers.

There is further information which says that ‘Meena’ was trained with 40 billion words and 341GB of text data which includes social media conversations. It is based on Google’s Seq2seq model, which is a neural network that reads words placed next to each other in a paragraph to check if there is any relationship between the two.

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