Google Assistant driving mode for Android smartphones to be rolled out

Google Assistant driving mode

Tech giant Google have started rolling out Google Assistant’s Driving Mode on Android devices. The feature was first announced back in 2019 at the Google I/O event.

Mashable quoted XDA Developers when they said that the new driving mode feature on Android devices will act as a perfect replacement for all the auto apps available for Android smartphones. All the links to this feature were spotted two weeks ago as part of a new navigation User Interface in the Google maps. This new settings page has also been discovered and it confirms that this new UI will be part of Google Assistant’s driving mode.

The report also saw screenshots which were shared and it further proved that driving mode is being rolled out. So, if the user will check the ‘Google Assistant settings’ item in the ‘Navigation settings’ of Google Maps, he/she will notice that there is now a description ‘manage driving mode.’

Mashable had also reported earlier that the description was ‘Google Assistant settings.’ and it just led to the general settings page for Google Assistant. However, if the user clicks on this item now, they will encounter a new driving mode settings page for Google Assistant. 

Not only this, the Google Assistant Driving Mode UI that Google demoed at I/O 2019 was significantly different from what is being rolled out for users right now.

The report also said that this could well be as Google is currently running A/B tests for the UI. It could also mean that Google changed the UI for the better given and it has been a year since this announcement was made. 

Now, if you have to see that your device has Assistant Driving Mode, you have to open Google Maps and from the navigation settings menu, and select “Google Assistant settings.” If it’s not enabled, you’ll be taken to the main Assistant settings section.

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