Google Maps’ new Visual Positioning System – An absolute wonder

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There are times when the GPS is not enough and this is when the new visual system in Google Maps can come to the rescue

Google has announced a number of new software updates at Google I/O. Aparna Chennapragada rolled out one of the best of the new features – Visual Guidance and Visual Positioning System in Google Maps Navigation.
Now, while using Google Maps, we have all been taken for a ride with the question: “Am I going in the right direction?” After this new update, Google Maps will now use the camera to understand and identify the surroundings and then visually communicate the expected route right in front of your eyes.

What is Visual Guidance?
You need to tap a button in order to activate the visual view and then point the camera where you are headed to see the corresponding information. All the available options in and around the surroundings will be made available by arrows pointing and directing you in the direction you need to go. Also, there will be a small map at the bottom of the screen which will remind you of the route as well as the destination where you are headed. This is one of the best inclusions and by all means a powerful addition to Google Maps and Street View.
Apart from this, there is also the idea of introducing a character on the screen which acts like an augmented reality tour guide. During the demo, it acted like a fox.

What is the Visual Positioning System (VPS)?
There are times when the GPS is not enough and this is when the new visual system in Google Maps can come to the rescue. This new VPS uses the phone’s camera as well as Google’s extensive back-end data to study the surroundings and come up with results pertaining to your exact location.
This will come in handy at places with dense population and high-rise structures. However, Google did not mention when this feature will be made available for the end user.


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