Google Pay now shows how much money you spent in 2020: Check out your spending habits

Google Pay

Google Pay users are in for a surprise. And yes, this new tool will act as a reality check for some users who fail to keep track of their transactions. The new section, which is a 2020 Rewind by the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) app will show how much money has been used by users on app in 2020. Google Pay has been giving insights to users into their spending habits of 2020.

The new section, 2020 Rewind is currently on display on the Google Pay app on Android and iOS as a banner. This rewind section gives insights into the number of days you have spent on the app. Also, it will show the badges a user has managed to earn as well as spend categories and total rewards for the year.

It is easy to access the Rewind 2020 button. Users will need to only open the Google Pay app > tap on the rewind button on the banner displayed at the top of the Google Pay app. It reads “Check out your 2020 summary.”

Now, users will be able to access the rewind button by going to Promotions. The app displays the number of days for which a user has used the Google Pay app. Tap on Start to Explore.

The app will show your activity, if you have interacted with local merchants, and the number of transactions you have made. Also, it will give information on how much money users have saved over the year via cashback. So, if you have played Go India on the platform, Google Pay will give information on the number of cities you travelled to in the game.

As per the number of transactions and your contribution, Google will hand out batches as rewards like social connector, local contributor and super saver. It will also give information on the number of interactions you have had through the app.

All the users have to do is to swipe to the right or left to go forward or backward. Google Pay shows users their monthly spending trends as they will display a rough graph of the user’s monthly spending along as well as the month in which the user has spent the highest amount on the app.

Google Photos will introduce a “Year in Review” tool that will first appear in the Memories carousel on Android and iOS.


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