Google starts rolling out Categories in Google Messages – Details

Google Messages

Google Messages is one of the fundamental apps that has been made available on almost all Android smartphones. Over the years, Google has made rapid improvements in this service by adding support for a host of features including RCS and reaction emojis among others. Also, Google has started rolling out support for another major feature in the service — Categories.

If we take a look at the Android Police, Google has started rolling out support for Categories feature in Google Messages for SMS messages. There are several Google Messages users who have started sharing screenshots of how the company is making their message experience better by slotting them into various categories. 

As things stand now, Google is sorting the SMS messages into five categories which include Personal, Transactions, OTPs, Offers and More.

Also, there is an All tab at the top alongside other categories where users will be able to access all the messages that they have received or sent.

Users do have the ability to turn this feature on or off using a toggle button in the app’s settings.

The report goes on to add that while the categorisation of SMSs happens by default, users will also be able to manually change the category of a message. Users will also be able to share the message with Google in a bid to improve the categorisation in future. 

Now, for example, if a message has been listed under Personal category, they can move it to More. Well, this feature has not been made public just yet. A Twitter user says that while the option to change categories is available, it isn’t active yet. 

It needs to be mentioned here that the news comes just days after a separate report noted that the company is exploring ways where the one-time-passwords or the OTPs are deleted after 24 hours. It goes on to explain that when the update is rolled out, Google will ask users whether or not they want the app to delete the OTP message. 

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