Here’s how you can delete your browsing history on Facebook: Read steps

delete browsing history on Facebook

Perhaps the biggest frustration when we are browsing on social media is the frequent popping up of advertisements related to sites which we may have visited. However, it may well be a menace of the past as Facebook now has come up with a solution to all the unwanted ads that are not only a bit annoying but also seems uncalled for.

The eagerly-anticipated Clear History’ tool has been added to Facebook and this will now allow users to delete all the browsing data which is available on the social networking app. CEO Mark Zuckerburg made this announcement in a blog post and said that this feature will be made available in all countries, irrespective of the operating systems.

This new section is on the settings menu and is called the Off-Facebook Activity which is the information that websites and businesses share with Facebook about the different interactions with those sites.

This new feature can be come in handy if your feed is flooded with about something you were casually checking out on Facebook. Facebook, which has been in the line of fire for data breaches, gave its users a new tool on the occasion of Data Privacy Day and this will now allow them to keep a tab on what data they share with people.

How to control what Facebook shouldn’t know about you?

Step 1: Go to the Settings & Privacy menu on your Facebook. Then select the settings menu which is under the settings and privacy option.

Step 2: After this, scroll down the list and select the off-Facebook activity option.

Step 3: Once you are redirected to the page, there is a little explanation about what Off-Facebook Activity means.

Step 4: Once you read this, you will get an option which will help you manage the off-Facebook activity. Once you select this, you will be asked your password once again.

Step 5: After the password is entered, there will be a list of all websites and businesses which you had visited on Facebook. Just above this list, the clear history option will be present.

Step 6: When you select the Clear History option, a new window pops up which will explain the different things which will happen when you are logged out of certain websites.

Step 7: Once you read the conditions, select the button and clear the data.

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