How scammers are using Google to trick people – Find out

scammers are using Google

Don’t fall for the fake customer care trick!

For any search, for any assistance, or for any help we turn our focus to Google and inevitably, the search engine returns with the perfect answers. However, on the flip side, this dependency also makes it the perfect platform for hackers to steal personal information of users.

As per a report on GadgetsNow, scamming people through fake customer care number has become one of the most common scams on Google.

The report says that scammers are now posting fake numbers in Google Search listings by creating duplicitous websites of famous brands which include Uber, Paytm, and Amazon. These are being used to target those people who blindly believe these Google results and fall for this trap.

So how do they operate?

Once you have called the number, they will then give you a call back in order to confirm the call. Also, they will ask you for your bank details and this is where the entire farce lies. They will then ask you to download an app and these apps will turn out to be any remote desktop sharing software which gives access to your phone screen to the hackers.

Also, they use Google’s facility and tweak contact details of important places like shops and banks on Google Maps, and often punch in their own number to misguide people into calling them.

How do we resolve this issue?

One of the easiest ways to work around this issue is to manually enter the URL or use the mobile application to find the customer care number of required company or while making a purchase. Even if you do not want to take this effort, always remember no customer care will ever ask for your bank details like passwords or OTP. Also, always be wary when they ask you to download any random app.

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