How to automatically forward specific mails to another Gmail ID


Not many people know that one of the most important features in Gmail is the ability to automatically forward specific emails to another email ID. Now, as a part of this feature, one can choose to automatically forward all mails or select only a few that needs to be forwarded. This feature can only be enabled through desktop and not on app.

In order to setup this facility on Gmail, you have to follow these steps:

-You have to sign in to your Gmail account.

-Then click on the setting icon which is at the top right corner of your mail list.

-Select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu.

-There is a Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.

-One of the very first option in that section reads ‘Forwarding’ and it has an option to add the forwarding address.

-Now enter a valid email address to which you would like to forward the mails.

-Click on the next button.

-There will be a new window which has the email address on which the forwarding option will pop up, hit the proceed button below the ID.

-Another pop up will then appear which states that a verification code has been sent to the ID where the mails will be forwarded. You have to click the blue coloured OK button.

-A verification mail will be sent to that email, and this will also be accompanied with a code and link

-You have to then enter the code in the tab and then click on the link in the verification email.

-There is the forwarding section and then choose Forward a copy of incoming mail to option.

-All you have to do is to create a filter for the specific kind of mails you would like to automatically forward. The option comes up in a line under the tabs. It reads: ‘Tip: You can also forward only some of your mail by creating a filter!’

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