How to forward emails from Yahoo Mail to Gmail automatically

Yahoo Mail to Gmail

Yahoo Mail will now allow you to send a copy of the incoming messages to your Gmail or even other mail accounts.

Yahoo Mail will now allow you to send a copy of the incoming messages to your Gmail or even other
mail accounts. One can set up automatic email forwarding in Yahoo in order to enjoy the services.
The feature also helps in sending incoming messages to other accounts as well. So, when one opts to
the forward email automatically, a new message is created by Yahoo and there will also be a copy of the
original message.

Not only the email body, the mail also had details of the original sender, details of the recipient of
the mail, and also the time when the message was sent and much more can be done with the
feature. Hence, if you want to consolidate your email to a single account, this feature could be very

Following these steps one can automatically send all your Yahoo emails to Gmail Account:


Open Yahoo

One has to open Yahoo mail in the browser of your choice and then login with your credentials.


Click on gear icon

One has to click om the gear icon on the top-right hand corner and then click on ‘More Settings’. This
is when you will get a new overlay window.


Click ‘Mailbox’ option

Proceed to now click on the ‘Mailbox’ option which is on the left. There is ‘Mailbox list’ under which
one can select your Yahoo email account from the list.


Open the Forwarding section

The user will scroll down and then open the Forwarding section. This is where you need to enter the
email address where you want the emails you receive on Yahoo to be sent.



Click on verify following which a verification message will be sent to the email address you have


Login to other email address

Login to other email address to complete the verification.


Click on the link

End the process by clicking on the link which has been sent to your other email address. Once this is
verified, you will receive a congratulations message.

This is when Yahoo mail will now be automatically be forwarded to Gmail.

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