Instagram Stalking App ‘Like Patrol’ Removed From Apple App Store

like patrol

It hasn’t been too long since Instagram removed ‘Following’ tab from the notification section, which looked like a great decision to boost privacy of Instagram users. But some apps have been trying to bring back this feature by creating a close-replica of ‘Following’ feature, to serve Instagram users who like to keep tabs on accounts they are following. Recently there were some reports about such an app, called Like Patrol, which was doing exactly what Instagram was trying to stop.

Like Patrol kept getting more and more hits, making Instagram’s decision to hide ‘Following’ feature totally irrelevant. So, Instagram had to get it to shut down such practices.

As of now, it seems that Instagram’s efforts are bearing some fruits for the photo sharing app. Apple has decided to remove Like patrol from the App Store. Instagram also took some legal action against so called stalking app by sending it a cease and desist notice.

It is not clear whether Apple removed this app because Instagram wanted it to be removed but the Cupertino based tech giant reported that it was violating its guidelines. There is no clarification from Apple about which guidelines were violated but it seems a good decision as major guidelines revolve around user privacy.

In a counter to Apple’s action, Like Patrol’s creator, Sergio Luis Quintero, told CNET that they are working on a way to get the app back on the app store and he emphasized on the fact that his app does not violate any of Apple guidelines. The logic behind the statement, “If our app’s functionality did violate any policies then Instagram would have violated the exact same policies since 2011 to 2019 with the Following tab. Why weren’t they taken down?” according to Sergio Luis Quintero.

For up to $80 a year, Like Patrol was giving notification when people liked a post, interacted with an Instagram account, including whether they were interacting with a male or female user. Most disturbing feature of this app was an algorithm that could judge whether the account they were interacting with was held by an ‘attractive’ person.

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