New feature rolled out: How to get trolls off your Instagram posts

Instagram Trolls

Even at a time when the situation has become very desperate, the issue of fake news and trolls hiding behind a mask and posting snide remarks has not gone away. Now, Instagram has given the users more control over such comments and has introduced a new feature.

As of now, Instagram has allowed users to delete their comments which they do not want to be visible on their posts. However, this process can become very taxing and cumbersome and the troll army are relentless with their comments.

How to use the feature

However, now with this new feature one will be able to delete up to 25 comments at once which one do not want to appear on your post. One can also do the same to block troll accounts as well. This is how one can use this new feature:

One has to tap on the comments of any of your posts on Instagram. Then proceed to tap on the three dotted menu which is located on the top right corner. This is where one has the option to manage comments. Select that and the go on to choose all the comments which you want to delete from the post. And, this is how the comments which you want to be visible will be visible.

At the same time, the user can also block and restrict bulk accounts all at once in one go. After you choose the comments, then you have to select more options. Here you can the proceed to choose, block or restrict multiple accounts from once.

What this allow is that you will not only delete that comment, but will also be able to block that account. This is a far easier process to expunge nasty remarks and trolls from your profile.

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