No more TikToking for Tamil Nadu millennials

Politicians of the South Indian state are seeking a ban on the super famous app.

If there is one app that has really taken millennials by storm is the now super famous and one of the most used Tik Tok app. While it is being used by most people between the age group of 16 to 24, even celebrities have not been far behind as far as going gaga over the tunes of the Chinese app goes. In India too, the app has been enjoying an overwhelming response with netizens going crazy about it.

But not all seems to be going well for the app as the state of Tamil Nadu may ban the app soon. A few politicians of the south Indian state seem unimpressed with the app and want to ban it. These politicians consider TikTok as a threat to the state’s culture and its law and order situation.

M Manikandan, the state’s Information and Technology minister had announced in the state assembly that he would like to request the government to take strict action against the musical app and that the app should be banned.

According to a media report, S. Ramadoss from Pattali Makkal Katchi party has also demanded a ban on the app stating that users upload suggestive sexual dance choreography on the app.

Ramadoss is not the only one who seems annoyed with the app. Manithaneya Jananayaga Katchi MLA M. Thamimun Ansari also wants a ban on the app. Ansari feels that the app encourages pornography and millennials are getting addicted to using the app. Responding to Ansari, Manikanandan addressed the state assembly and sought a ban on the app in Tamil Nadu.

The Chinese app has been garnering flak from other parts of India as well. In January, police had arrested four people from Virudhnagar district for creating a fun video clip using Tik Tok app that had mocked the police officials at the police station itself.

The app has also caused depression in some of its users who had been made fun of on social media for behaving like the opposite gender in their Tik Tok videos. In October 2018, a boy had committed suicide by jumping in front of a train in Chennai because he was bullied for dressing up like a woman in his Tik Tok videos.

Not only this, but the Chennai police had also busted a flesh trade racket which was being run by using morphed pictures of women downloaded from TikTok to get customers.

The app has created a huge fan base for itself in India with offices in Delhi and Mumbai but its increasing popularity has also given way to a rise in hate speech on social media.

However, the company has time and again maintained that it uses a combination of human intervention and machine learning tools to keep a check on the content being uploaded. It has also said that it removes those posts that its moderation team does not deem fit for the platform.

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