Scammers impersonating as WhatsApp are sending messages to users: Find details

It should also be mentioned there that this message does not look real enough, but then users might
still fall for the trap.

There is a new WhatsApp scam which is doing the rounds where an account pretends to be
WhatsApp’s official team which is sending across messages to users and where, they have asked
them to share their verification code.

It should also be mentioned there that this message does not look real enough, but then users might
still fall for the trap and they might end up sharing their details unknowingly with the scammers.
A twitter user shared the screenshot of the chat on Twitter and even asked WAbetainfo to verify it.
The WhatsApp features tracker responded when they said that the message is absolutely fake as
WhatsApp never sends messages to its users.

“This is #FAKE. WhatsApp doesn’t message you on WhatsApp, and if they do (for global
announcements, but it's soooo rare), a green verified indicator is visible,” Wabetainfo tweeted.
The message is in Spanish and it reads, “We have sent you a request for identity verification to

The six-digit verification is always used to activate a WhatsApp account on a new device. The fake
account looks to be authentic as it has WhatsApp icon as its display picture which can convince the
users to believe that the message has been sent by WhatsApp only.

Wabetainfo then also shared an example of an authentic WhatsApp message. As per the
screenshots, there is a green verified tick right which is just beside the account name.
One will be also able to notice the absence of any chat bar, which essentially means that one cannot
reply to an official message by WhatsApp. The messaging app only sends its users messages
whenever there is an announcement to make officially and only then the platform is just used for

However, even this does not happen very frequently so, one needs to understand that many of
these messages as scams as many users have might have never noticed a message by WhatsApp’s
official team.

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