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Currently, WhatsApp can only be signed at one time and that too into a single device using a single account.

WhatsApp is no longer enjoying a monopoly over the instant-messaging ecosystem and ever since new players have come into the fray, the Facebook-owned platform has been forced to add a slew of new features to remain attractive and a lucrative option for the users. 

As per a new update, WhatsApp is working on a new feature which will now allow users to work simultaneously on four devices with one account. This feature could be part of the several elements that WhatsApp will introduce in the coming months which will support multi-device support. 

As per a screenshot posted by the WhatsApp watchdog, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will allow users to sign in to their account on multiple devices at a time. Now, this functionality will solely rely on a Wi-Fi network and all the other devices may also need to connect to the same. 

The screenshot shows a “Continue” button which will “begin the process” after WhatsApp is “connected to WiFi”. The platform is still working on the feature, however, it might not roll them out anytime soon. 

Currently, WhatsApp can only be signed at one time and that too into a single device using a single account. Although there is the facility of accessing WhatsApp Web with the same account, it is not similar to working on a smartphone. 

Not only this, but WhatsApp Web also needs the smartphone connected to servers for proper syncing as this could well be expunged once the multi-device support is rolled out. Also, WhatsApp Web will come with a number of extra features, which includes optimizations when multi-device support is rolled out. 

Now, while Wi-Fi could be one way to establish secure synchronization of data that can be established between different devices connected to a single account, WhatsApp could well add the mobile data option as it would be a big help when the Wi-Fi connectivity is not available. 

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