Steps on how to make space for new emails if your Gmail storage is full

Gmail storage

Storage issues on Gmail are not a new concept and if you use this platform as your main email driver you might have seen popups reminding you that the storage is full and that you need to delete older emails in order to receive new ones. 

Now, Google provides 15GB storage for free and this 15GB includes storage for the Google Drive files, your emails, WhatsApp chats, Google Photos, etc. Hence, if you are using an Android phone, 15GB can be filled quite easily. 

One has to understand that only emails are not taking up your space which is preventing you from receiving new mails which could be important as well. One of the easiest ways to resolve this issue is to buy 100GB of additional cloud storage for ₹130/month. This will not only help you make space for those new mails, but you can put this to use across Google Drive, Google Photos as well as other services. 

How to buy this additional storage?

In order to buy additional storage, all you have to do is to select the amount of storage you want to buy and put in your card details in order to make the purchase. Once you have gone through this process, Google will set up a recurring payment on your account that will keep getting you 100GB of storage space every month till you manually end this subscription.

₹130/month is not a huge amount especially if you are using Gmail and GDrive etc as intensely as we do. Now, there is a catch to all this. In order to buy this additional storage, you will still have to delete enough data which brings down the storage space used to below 15GB first.

So, you will have to essentially delete content like emails, files, and photos. Also, you will have to free up space on your Google account by deleting files by size from the Drive or by deleting emails or even photos which are uploaded and save on Google Photos.

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