This new WhatsApp feature every group user should know about


WhatsApp is working on a feature which will allow us to permanently rid ourselves from constant notifications on the several annoying family, college, and office groups that do not concern us. A “Mute Always” function is in works which will give us the opportunity to permanently mute the chat or a group rather than muting it every time for eight hours, a week, or a year.

According to a screenshot shared by the blog site, the Facebook-owned platform will replace the one year option with ‘Mute Always’ button enabling users to mute unwanted group notifications forever or till the time they themselves want to turn it back on and be an active participant in the group once again. 

However, before we get all excited, this feature is still in the works and in the developmental phase. However, if you are a beta user, you can well try it out by downloading WhatsApp Beta for Android version

It should be mentioned here that muting notifications is not the only feature that WhatsApp users can use to stay away from unwanted group conversations. WhatsApp already has a group privacy settings feature which will allow users to decide who can add them to new groups. Once this is enabled, it will ensure that users get an invitation before joining a group and that they are not added to a group directly.

So, if you want to enable this feature, this is what you need to do: go to Settings > then tap Account > Privacy > Groups and select one of three options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.”

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