TikTok introduced new features to tackle Covid-19 related misinformation

TikTok new features

TikTok has been pulling all stops in order to fight the Covid-19. The company has already donated over $250 million in various coronavirus relief operations and now they have launched a number of features on the platform which are aimed at fighting Covid-19 misinformation.

The company has already launched an in-app misinformation reporting which is called ‘Misleading Information’ and it will also allow users to not only report misinformation regarding the pandemic, but also for several other topics.

TikTok users can also report any misleading video by following this path: Share > Report > Misleading Information > Covid-19 misinformation > Submit.

As per Arjun Narayan, Director Trust & Safety, TikTok – APAC: “When users report any content as ‘COVID-19 Misinformation’, it is sent to a priority moderation queue which is manned by an internal Taskforce and escalated to third-party fact-checkers. The Taskforce has been set up as a proactive measure to strengthen our capabilities in addressing misinformation around COVID-19 and prioritise decision making.”

This feature is now being introduced all across the country in a phased manner.

The company has already announced a grant of USD50K (Rs 3.5 million) which is part of company inviting ‘credible partners’ to submit proposals. This will be help in better understanding the misinformation ecosystem on social media.

Narayan said it also includes ‘detailed understanding for the industry as a whole, how to further improve detection of such content, how it spreads, the motivations that drive creation, and also how to design, measure and conduct effective interventions to limit the negative impact of misinformation.’

“We continue to work toward improving the app and user experience, and hope these tools around misinformation can help foster a welcoming space for all our users to express their creativity and find joyful, meaningful content on TikTok,” Narayan added.

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