Tinder testing in-app live trivia for select users: Find details


Tinder is testing a brand new feature which will allow users on its platform to play live trivia. This will be available in a live video format. This update has been released immediately after Tinder confirmed it will introduce video chats later this year.

As was confirmed to the Verge, Tinder is currently testing this new feature among select users. If the screenshots of the feature are anything to go by, Tinder’s live trivia will extend support to four people at once.

There’s also this option to livestream the trivia game in front of an audience. And well, viewers will be able to comment during the livestream on Tinder. This feature, it should be mentioned here, is still being experimented upon and hence, there is no confirmation on what the future holds.

“Similar to our first digital shared experience offered on Tinder, Swipe Night, we plan to bring more of these activities to Tinder in the future. However, these concepts are only a test and may never launch. We look forward to providing more information when it’s available,” a Tinder spokesperson told The Verge.

This will be Tinder’s efforts to veer into the video on the dating platform mode. Tinder’s parent company Match had already confirmed that video chat is coming this year. The company also said that video chat was in the works for a while now, but no official confirmation has been made on it so far. However, this lockdown and this current situation has forced to Match to introduce it.

We should also mention here that Tinder’s rival Bumble has had video chat for over a year now. There is a new contender in the market as Facebook Dating is also launching virtual dating via Messenger.

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