Twitter rivalling Instagram? New update drops massive hint


Stories can be embedded with videos and photos, but what about the stories which are synonymous with Instagram?

Perhaps the most popular social media site, Twitter which has been in the news in the recent past for quite a number of reasons is rolling out the redesign to its camera feature. As per reports which appeared on TechCrunch, this new update will now allow users you to capture photos, videos and live footage and then immediately connect them to global conversations. It is already functional and now when you swipe left from the Twitter timeline, you’ll get the new camera that’s no longer buried in the tweet composer.

Also, once you access the new camera, you can capture media which are not uploads (for the time being) and then can overlay a location, hashtag or some words on a coloured label. However, what really stands out is that Twitter will show this media in a larger, more interactive format in the feed and the image will appear before the text in your tweet.

Unlike Instagram, Twitter has no plans to roll out any updates which have stories, but in order to progress and keep pace with the times, it wants users to have more access to the camera to upload and use more interactive videos and photos. Also, this could be a great addition keeping in mind the new users, which do not quite prefer sitting down and writing out long texts to express their views.

So as per the new update, when a user swipes left on the timeline, you will see a Snapchat-style camera which can record photos with a tap and can also record looping videos for a longer time. Also, a small swipe and one can record a video bereft of any Periscope branding – these will be Twitter live. Following this, Twitter will then recommend hashtags based on any big events nearby. Also, you can add your own locations and texts. In order to help the imagery carousels for its different What’s Happening sections, the user can use different image filters.


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