WhatsApp hack that hijacks your account is back: Here’s what you need to do to steer clear

WhatsApp hack

There is a massive surge in all communication apps which includes WhatsApp among other platforms owing to the ongoing Covid-19 lockdown. WhatsApp, has, over 40% increase in usage and this makes the app more vulnerable to hacks and scams.

This WhatsApp hack has led people into falling for it as it uses the victim’s friend or acquaintance for it. Hence, well what it essentially does if that it that the hacker will use an already hacked account to contact the victim’s friends. The victim will then get a message which says that the friend is facing issues with their WhatsApp verification code and hence, it has been sent to them instead.

So, when the victim sends the verification back to their friend, it’s actually headed across to the hacker. This way the hacker gets control over the victim’s WhatsApp account.

Many WhatsApp users have been falling prey to this hack as it is coming from one of the acquaintances whom they trust. Also, this message can be sent via Facebook as well.

So, here is what to do to steer clear of this trap:

One has to set up a two-factor authentication for your WhatsApp account.

Now, one needs to open the settings menu, then select account > two-step verification > enable.

Now, you will have to set a six-digit PIN.

You can also add a backup email address as another security layer.

No, when you try to set up your WhatsApp account on a new phone, this PIN will be required.

This will be an additional PIN which will come along with PIN along with the verification code that’s sent via SMS.

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