WhatsApp hacks: Three tricks you might not know about


WhatsApp is perhaps the most popular instant messaging app and the platform keeps coming up with new tricks and updates to stay relevant. As such, it is extremely easy to use the app and hence, is a great favourite with the users all over the globe.
However, there are a number of extremely simple tricks which many users might not be aware of and here in this article, we speak about these simple features:

Sass it with GIF
The in-camera which is present in WhatsApp in-app allows users to take photos and videos and send them across to their contacts. However, there is a feature which is an in-built GIF tool to directly make a GIF without using any third-party app. In order to use this feature, one needs to simply record a video, and then select the GIF icon on the top right corner. Also, one can choose the duration of the clip for that particular GIF.

Star mark your chats
Often, WhatsApp is a huge storage vessel for several important chats and messages with friends and family and as such, many important messages get lost in the heap. However, there is an important hack to keep track of these chats. If one thinks that there are messages which are important, one can simply press the desired text and then tap on star icon above. You can then check these messages under the ‘Starred Messages’ tab.

Switch to text styles
One of the easiest and yet one of the most unknown features on WhatsApp is that you can italicise your text, and do other interesting stuff. In order to make the message bold, put an asterisk (*)at the start and end of the text, and to italicize, insert underscore (_).
In order to put a strikethrough on the text, one needs to just insert the tilde (~) symbol at the start and end of your text. All these changes will be then visible in the text bar just before you press send.


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