WhatsApp rolls out 5 new interesting features – Find out

WhatsApp 5 new features

Some of the features are exclusive to WhatsApp beta 


In a bid to make WhatsApp more interactive, the popular messaging platform has introduced a slew of new advancements to Android and iOS users in the past few months. Having said this, some of the features are solely exclusive to WhatsApp beta which anyone can join on both Android and iOS platforms.

So, what are these exciting new advancements?

Fingerprint unlock

They do respect your privacy, or that’s what they want you to believe and hence, WhatsApp has now made fingerprint unlock available for Android and iOS users. This feature essentially allows users to lock the app with their fingerprint or Face ID on iPhones. Also, the app will then allow users to conceal content from notifications when fingerprint unlock is enabled.

Consecutive voice messages

This one feature is a rather cool one – if a user gets multiple voice messages, they will all play consecutively and the user will not have to download these files separately in a bid to play them.

Facebook Story integration

Love sharing your stories/status on WhatsApp – now with this new feature users will be able to share then as Facebook Stories. There is an option present just below the WhatsApp Status which says ‘Share to Facebook Story’. If you avail this option, your WhatsApp Status will be available as Facebook Story.

Frequently forwarded messages

In a bid to curb fake news and messages, WhatsApp has rolled out a frequently forwarded tool. If the message comes with this tag, it means that the message has been forwarded more than five times. Also, frequently forwarded messages indicate that it is most likely a spam.

Group invitation

One of the best features to have come out of the latest updates is the fact that it will stop any random user from adding you to any group. This feature lets users choose ‘nobody’ if they don’t want to be added to WhatsApp groups. Hence, people who have chosen ‘nobody’ will get a group invitation request which expires in three days. Also, there is an option of ‘my contacts’ which will allow only contacts to add users to WhatsApp groups.


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