Whatsapp Users, If You Are Part Of These Groups, You will Be Banned

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If you are a WhatsApp user and getting a lot of forwards then here is a story that might interest all of you. This story contains some essential guidance and information whether you are getting a lot of WhatsApp forwards or you are the one who is sending them.

Recently WhatsApp, the Instant Messaging App, has been in the news for various reasons. In the latest news, WhatsApp was found banning some groups which had suspicious or malicious sounding group names. If you are a WhatsApp user and member of any group having suspicious names, it is advised to immediately change the name of the group if you do not wish to get blocked from using WhatsApp. The thing is that WhatsApp is not only banning the groups but it is banning all the WhatsApp users who were part of that group.

Whatsapp Groups Can Get Banned for Sharing Malicious Content
With unassessable expansion of technology, it is almost impossible to keep a tab on the use of these technological advancements, both good and evil. According to WABetaInfo, this year alone there were several reports about WhatsApp groups, proliferated with malicious content related to Child Sexual Abuse.

Recently, a Reddit user named Mowe11 was banned by WhatsApp after his university group’s name was changed to child pornography. It was not that only one person was banned but the whole group was banned from using WhatsApp in future.

When these banned users reached out to WhatsApp to inquire about ban, they were told that they have been violating WhatsApp’s Terms of service.

Do Not Share Any Content Related To Pornography Especially Child Sexual Abuse –
In case you, as a WhatsApp user are not taking this news seriously then look at two week long investigation conducted by the Cyber Peace Foundation about use of WhatsApp Groups to disseminate and share not only obscene and adult content. These WhatsApp groups show not only adult content but some of the content shows children involved in sexually explicit activity directly.

So, if you are part of any WhatsApp group that shares this kind of content then it is time to say goodbye to these groups if you do not want to get banned from using WhatsApp.


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