WhatsApp warns legal action against those who violate its ‘Terms of Service’

WhatsApp blocks 2 million accounts every month

Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp is serious about improving its platform and in this wake, it has decided to take legal action against those who exploit the platform and find ways to use the app in unauthorised ways. As of now, this app has over 1.5 billion users.

“Beginning on December 7, WhatsApp will take legal action against those we determine are engaged in or assisting others in abuse that violates our Terms of Service, such as automated or bulk messaging or non-personal use, even if that determination is based on information solely available to us off our platform,” the company wrote in a post on Wednesday.

It further mentions that the platform is not meant to circulate bulk or automated messaging, as both these practices are in violation of their terms or service.

“WhatsApp was designed for private messaging, so we have taken action globally to prevent bulk messaging and enforce limits on how WhatsApp accounts that misuse WhatsApp can be used. We have also stepped up our ability to identify abuse, which helps us ban 2 million accounts globally per month,” a WhatsApp spokesperson was as quoted by TechCrunch.

WhatsApp had already informed earlier this year that it had built a Machine Learning (ML)-based system in order to detect and expunge users who are in violation of the set rules of the app. Also, the report added that the platform was able to assess the past dealings of behaviours which were deemed problematic.
These aforementioned steps are extremely critical in India where the platform has over 200 million users. Also, it will now take action against those who offer tools to bypass forwarding restrictions in WhatsApp and it will be implemented ahead of the elections in countries like Indonesia and Nigeria.

Also, the company will continue using machine learning tools, which have so far been responsible for bans imposed on almost 2 million users every month.

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