WhatsApp’s feature of ‘disappearing messages’ launched in India

WhatsApp's feature of 'disappearing messages'

Weeks after announcing a new feature of ‘disappearing messages’, messaging platform WhatsApp has finally introduced this feature for all its Indian users. The messaging app will now allow users to switch on and off the feature where the unread chats disappear after a stipulated time frame of seven days. 

Many believe that this feature is based on the model of Snapchat and it will be on Android, iOS, and Linux-based KaiOS gadgets. Also, it will be functional alongside WhatsApp Web and Work area stages. 

As per this feature, all the messages which are unread will start disappearing after seven days, but then the users will also have the option of switching off this feature from the settings for every individual chat.

It should be mentioned here that WhatsApp will not be providing flexible timings to the users for all these features. This feature can either be turned on or off, but the given time period of seven days cannot be altered. 

“We’re beginning with 7 days since we think it offers significant serenity that discussions aren’t perpetual while staying common sense so you remember what you were visiting about. The shopping rundown or store address you got a couple of days back will be there while you need it, and afterward vanish after you don’t,” the organisation said.

This is how to enable the option

In order to enable the feature of ‘disappearing messages’ in WhatsApp, users can follow the following steps:

  • You have to open a particular chat and then go in the information section. 
  • When this information section is opened, one will be able to see the option of ‘Disappearing messages’ between the options of ‘starred messaged’ and ‘encryption’.
  • Then, one has to click on the widget which is present on the right-hand side of the option after which a new window will pop up that will explain the concept of this feature of ‘Disappearing messages’. They will also inform you that these messages will disappear if they are sent to a chat that has the feature of ‘disappearing messages’ on. 

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