Women’s Day 2020: 3 apps every woman traveller needs on her smartphone


Woman no longer need a male accomplice to plan their trips as they can simply jet off alone and be capable to switch off and take time for themselves. However, there is the smartphone and there can be apps on it which will always be there to be at your service.

For women travellers, these apps which are listed below can be just perfect:

Smart 24×7

Smart24x7 has come up with an integrated safety app which is aimed at protecting women. There is a ‘panic’ button connected with this application and this is available free of cost to subscribers. Once this button is activated, an alert is sent in the form of SMS and alarms to all the members of primary circle.

As soon as the primary contacts gets an alert in the form of an alarm, the applications also get pictures and it also makes the recordings of the surroundings which can be made use for any later time. Also, one can locate the nearest hospital, police station, or fire service station and then send alerts to them.


Now, one of the most important app one needs it an accommodation app and we say having the Airbnb app on your smartphone is very important and it can take care of the accommodations as per your needs.

With this app, you can also pay for your bookings via the app. Also, you can read all the the reviews before you decide to book a place. Here too, Airbnb gives you options to pick from a number of different options before you pick your place.


This is another one which you need on your phone, especially when you are travelling with your gang. This app will not help you waste time calculating what you owe to whom. All you need to do is download the Splitwise app and make a group with your friends. Keep adding the expenses and you will figure out how much each one of you owe.

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