You can now add emoji reactions to Direct Messages on Twitter: How it works

Twitter Emojis to Direct Messages

Soon after Facebook, Twitter is all set to release its reaction emojis for its users. The feature, however, is restricted to Direct Messages, for the time being. Twitter’s new emoji reaction will be slightly different from Facebook’s. In order to add a reaction to a message, one has to hover over the message and then click on a reaction which you want to add.

So on your phone you can double-tap a message and then select an emoji from a pop-up on your screen. There is another way to add an emoji – one can tap on the “heart plus” icon next to a message and then choose an emoji from the pop-up.

Also, one can retract your emoji reaction whenever you want which is very similar to Facebook.

“Click or tap on a reaction in a conversation to view who reacted to the message. Additionally, all conversation participants will receive a notification any time a new reaction is added to a message,” said Twitter in a blog post.

As of now, this feature is available to all users including iOS and Android with the latest version of the Twitter app. However, if a user is still stuck to an older version of the app, emoji reactions will pop up as text messages.

As per Engadget, users can add reactions to older texts in Direct Messages as well. There is yet another difference between Facebook and Twitter emoji reactions – in place of heart eyes and angry emojis, Twitter users get the heart and fire emojis.

There is no clarity on whether or not, Twitter will bring emoji reactions to the main feed. Currently, users can only favourite a tweet on the platform.

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