You can now edit your tweets, but it’s not Twitter



Twitter will not be having an edit option anytime in the near future, but there is a fix if we open out eyes and look at few different options. The Brizzly client for Twitter is back and it has something called the Brizzly + – which is the closest option on can get to edit things on Twitter.

What Brizzly+ essentially does is that it offers few functions which have been missing from Twitter – like undoing tweets to edit them, auto delete tweets, save favourite tweets (something which Brizzly calls custom prompts).

Now, it is not free – it comes with a price. In order to get these one will have to dish out $5 per month for the Brizzly+ subscription.

Now people might also be interested in the undo feature and one can select a pre-defined window which will allow you to “undo” a tweet which you might have posted for any editing that it might need and then retweet it again.

We will now explain the semantics – so, hold your horses, this is not exactly editing. However, Brizzly+ will actually delete your older tweet and then it will also allow you to post the updated tweet as a brand new message.

This auto-delete feature can be preset for 24 hours, a week or one month and after this, Brizzly+ will automatically delete those tweets once that preset window runs out. Hence, these auto-delete tweets feature you give you the flexibility to save a tweet which received good traction – which is a lot of ‘likes’.

“If you select to have tweets auto-deleted, you can set a threshhold of likes for your tweets and they’ll be saved if the threshold is met,” the developer said.

As of now, Brizzly+ is available via the web browser on mobiles and desktop. It is also optimised to work on both mobile browsers and web browsers.

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