Your WhatsApp account temporarily blocked – Here’s what you need to do

WhatsApp account temporarily blocked

WhatsApp has become a necessity for people, it is far more than a normal messaging app and has become an integral part of the user’s day today lives. Now, what if you get a message that the app is blocked?

We should mention here that the message which you get which reads “temporarily banned” it simply means that the WhatsApp version is not supported by Facebook. Essentially, this means that it is a warning that you need to switch to the official app or else the account will get deleted permanently.

There are other unsupported WhatsApp apps like WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, and others which are the versions of the original WhatsApp. All these unofficial apps are developed by third parties and hence, violate the messaging app’s terms of service as a result it does not support them.

Now in order to switch to the official Whatsapp App from third party apps you have to ensure that there is a backup of your chat history before downloading the official version.

Here are the steps to follow when you switch from the third party app of WhatsApp:

-Immediately after the ban ends, go to the More options on the app.

-Tap on Chats and then select Back up chats.

-Now you have to go to the settings of your phone.

-Tap on the storage options and go to Files.

-Now you will see a folder named GB WhatsApp or the name of the app you are currently using. Rename it to “WhatsApp”.

-Then download the original app.

-Verify your number.

-Immediately after this, the pop up of backup found will appear. Tap restore following which hit the next button.


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