YouTube app to save you from long scrolls by hiding video comments


YouTube is all set to roll out one of the biggest changes to its app – this will be the ability to collapse the comments section and which will save the user from scrolling through the several comments. This change will take time to be introduced and hence, for now, people will still have to scroll through the entire comments tab under a video to see the recommendations.

However, very soon the users will be able to reach the particular section quickly without taking too long and without scrolling through unnecessary comments. This change is expected to come to Android and iOS versions of the YouTube app in the ‘next few weeks’. It was mentioned in Google’s updated support page.

The company adds that it will be adding a comments preview section right below the YouTube video’s description that can be expanded by tapping on the dedicated icon. Once this is collapsed, one will also be able to see other videos which will be under the current comment.

“From the preview, simply tap anywhere to view all, like, and reply to comments. We hope this makes it easier for you to connect with others and discuss the video you’re watching – in our early experiments, we found that more people are writing comments with the new design,” said YouTube.

There are several other changes which have been made. The videos in the watch next section will now come with a large thumbnail and longer titles which will give the user more information about any video in only one glance. There will also be few channel icons under every video to “help you recognize your favourite creators while you scroll through the feed.”

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