YouTube makes provisions to make channel safe for kids

YouTube might move all child-friendly videos to its new app!

In an attempt to make its platform more appropriate for kids, YouTube is considering more changes to how the different types of content show up on the site. In the recent past, there have been complaints about how the platform has become quite unsafe for young kids and this is an attempt to take stock of the complaints.

As per a report on the The Wall Street Journal, the company, which is owned by Alphabet Inc., is planning to move all videos for children to a separate YouTube Kids app. However, as per a report in Bloomberg, such a drastic change is unlikely.

Google has long portrayed YouTube to be a neutral platform which allows anyone to post any videos on the platform, however, now the site is finding it difficult to convince parents that the content available on the platform is safe. Also, Bloomberg reports that children who use YouTube’s main site far outnumber those who stick to the safer, vetted YouTube Kids app.

“We consider lots of ideas for improving YouTube and some remain just that — ideas,” a YouTube spokeswoman said in an email to Bloomberg. “Others, we develop and launch, like our restrictions to minors live streaming or updated hate speech policy.”

YouTube has already made few adjustments to its platform in a bid to make it safer for children. It evoked a blanket ban on comments on thousands of videos featuring kids after it was observed that predators used this comments section to flag parts of the videos which could be tweaked around to make it appear sexual.

Also, YouTube has made “responsible growth” to its core metric, after years of focusing on engagement. This came after employees flagged harmful and misleading videos to executives, as per a report on Bloomberg from earlier this year.

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