YouTube Music is getting a major update: Conditions applied

YouTube Music

YouTube Music has a feature called Your Mixtape which offers endless personalised music radio station.

In the past couple of months, Google has been rolling out a major upgrade to its YouTube Music app. Right from phasing out Google Play Music to making tweaks to the in-app branding on Android and iOS, there have been a number of big changes to its music streaming service.

There are now updates which the company is planning to roll out with the YouTube Music app.

YouTube Music has a feature called Your Mixtape which offers endless personalised music radio station. There is a report by 9To5 Google which says that Google is changing the way this feature functions.

It is now called Your Mix and some users are already seeing it under the Your Mixed Tape section of the app. This also features the Discover and New Releases section of the app. This new tab creates a fresh list of songs and it includes a mix of new songs as well as all the previous listens when users tap on it.

One of the best things about this is that it creates a fresh new list every time users tap on it.

Also, there is an interesting change which has been made is that now a playlist can be created instead of being a radio station. Also, the name ‘Your Mix’ now appears on the artwork of the section and it also features a total of 100 songs.

“This personalized mix features a blend of favourites and new songs you’re sure to love. Updated daily,” the updated description says.

However, there is one downside to this update to the YouTube Music. The app plays the music in the same order every time and that, you do not have to tap on the shuffle button each time. The catch is that this change can only be seen by few viewers at this current time, but it should be made available to other users across the globe sometime pretty soon in the recent past.

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