Dunzo Discloses Data Breach That Exposed User Details


Google-backed delivery services startup Dunzo has revealed that it has identified a data breach that has impacted one of its customer databases. The firm also added that the hackers gained unauthorized access to the database which had the phone numbers as well as email addresses of the users. 

Now, the exact numbers and email addresses of the users have not been provided, but the company added that no payment information including credit card numbers was exposed due to the breach. The tech team at Dunzo has also rotated all its access tokens and updated all passwords which were both precaution measures to curb any further issues. 

A Dunzo spokesperson told Gadgets 360 that the issue had been addressed and resolved for all the users. “Our investigation so far suggests that the servers of a third party we work with was compromised, leading to bypassing of our security measures and a breach of our database,” the spokesperson said.

Dunzo CTO Mukund Jha also published a post on Medium which revealed the date breach and the developments made by the company. He also added that the tech team took “swift action” to patch the security loophole and “added additional layers of security protocols” to address the issue.

“While our best teams are working on resolving and strengthening our security efforts, we’re also engaged with leading cybersecurity firms and experts to further strengthen our efforts,” Jha wrote in his blog.

Dunzo offers online delivery for food, groceries, and medicines from nearby shops in as many as eight cities across India and this includes Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Mumbai, and Pune. 

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