Magento Association Eying New Highs In 2019

New Delhi: E-commerce giant- Magento’s wing Magento Association Task Force recognized and thanked its customers and clients (Magento community) for their input and support of Association development efforts.

In statement the company said, “We will close out 2018 with the establishment of a thriving Association enabling its members to connect, advocate, and grow. We are excited about how it is all coming together. But first, the hard work of forming the entity continues with the following:


Based on our many community input sessions hosted earlier this year, the volunteer-led Task Force has been framing the organization’s vision and culture, articles of incorporation, as well as guiding strategic plans.


The Task Force is charged with the awesome responsibility of seating an inaugural Board of Directors, who will be charged with leading the community forward. We received tremendous applicant response (over 100 applications from all over the world!). In reviewing candidates, the Task Force established criteria to ensure Board composition is both representative and diverse. Ensuring a rigorous process across the unexpected amount of candidates takes time. To that end, candidates can expect to hear back from the task force by January 11 (previously anticipated December 14).

There is so much talent and energy across our global community and we are eager to harness your collective talents for the benefit of all. In 2019, one of our first steps as an Association will be a call for volunteer leaders to help form and lead key program initiatives.

Key committees will include (but not be limited to):

Education programming

Membership programming

Community communications

Event enablement

Financial oversight

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