Revolution expected in footwear with Nike’s new plan for customers – Details here

Every Nike shoe will have a perfect fit now!

Nike, the world leaders in sneakers is planning to create a niche as it will add a foot-scanning tool on its app this summer which will then measure the length, width and dimension of the customer’s customers’ feet once they point a smartphone camera to their toes. Following this, the app will then tell shoppers what size to buy each of its shoes in. Nike also plans to cut down on costs and returns as it aims to sell more goods through the websites and apps.

Following this Nike will now be flooded with data on the feet of regular people, and if this is cracked, it can well prove to be a game-changer to improve the design of its shoes. As of now, Nike depends on the feet of star athletes to design the snickers.

“Nikes will become better and better fitting shoes for you and everyone else,” says Michael Martin, who oversees Nike’s websites and apps.

However, with the amount of data available, Nike will not share it with other companies as per Martin. He also says that shoppers will not save the foot size of the customers to their Nike accounts. However, if there is a confirmation needs to be taken, they’ll only have to scan their feet once following which Nike’s apps, websites and stores will collate all the data needed for you to buy the sneakers. Also, the workers in the different Nike stories will have iPods to do the scanning and will replace the metal size contraptions.

As of now, the biggest challenge which faces Nike is to convince people to measure the size of their feet as people are convinced that they know the size. However, a majority of complaints which are filed by customers are regarding sizes as each of its shoe styles fit differently, even if they are of the same size.

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