Destiny 2 fans think they’re returning to a familiar location: Here’s why

Destiny 2

Fans have to wait only two weeks for Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the start of Year 4. They are now on the edge waiting for new content. However, over the weekend, players discovered some new, official-looking art that suggests there will be two twists which will be coming just before Beyond Light: a healed Traveler and the return of the original Tower location.

During the Red War campaign at the launch of Destiny 2, the Tower, which was the primary social space in the original Destiny, was destroyed by Red Legion enemies. Also, they captured the Traveler — the mysterious space machine that gives Guardians their power. By the end the campaign, the Traveler awoke and in the process, freed itself but at the same time, fractured off a few pieces, which have since orbited around it in the sky.

The players also reclaimed a different tower in the Last City, with a completely new layout. Apart from getting hit by a spaceship earlier this year, the new tower has served Guardians just fine. However, fans have missed the openness of the original Tower.

On Saturday, however, Destiny fans stumbled upon some official Bungie art from a reliable source: the PlayStation Store.

In June this year, Bungie announced Beyond Light and the Destiny Content Vault, where the studio will retire aging content and, in their place, they will bring back content from the original Destiny. We also saw the game’s new Director screen in Beyond Light.

There was a deleted tweet, in which streamer Parisito leaked some clues about an upcoming event in Destiny 2. This came on the heels of a long maintenance period in Destiny 2, which players think could be hiding the revised Tower or some secret content.

Before the tweet was deleted, there were codenames which were mentioned and players assumed corresponded to areas in the old Tower. Parisito would only comment “soon” when players asked for more details.

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