PS5 update: PlayStation 5 could get its own Amazon Alexa-style AI

PS5 update

If there is the PS5, there will be rumours and people will lap it up with no convincing. Now, if half of these rumours are true, the PS5 is set to come with plenty of cool additions. There will be state-of-the-art controllers with haptic feedback, there will be 8K graphics as well as silky-smooth framerates. If all these features are combined, the PS5 is sure to be one slick piece of machine.

If the latest bit of information from tidbit is anything to go by, Sony is reportedly working on something special for its next-generation console. There is a smart speaker-style AI which will be addressed as “PlayStation”. This will not only perform basic commands, but will be your helper when you’re stuck on certain parts of any given level. Also, the different consoles could well get a whole lot smarter.

Sony has already filed a patent and this was published on Patentscope last month which is called an “in-game resource surfacing platform”. The platform is designed to take the form of an AI. Players are shown asking “PlayStation, how do I defeat the boss?” and PlayStation has been equipped to come up and respond with strategies other players have used to beat the same level. The user can also skip past this point.

As per this, there are also revelations made about several different key features about the console. It should be mentioned here that the connection will be as important to the PS5 as it was supposed to be for the PS4. When sharing and adding on different players has become important, it looks like all PS5s will be connected, and PlayStation is will rope in data from all the different consoles which will help it aggregate them and help players to waddle through the difficult portions of the games.

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